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Services, provided for the members of YarCCI at the expense of entrance and membership fees

•    Participation in the meetings with the representatives of business communities of Russia and foreign countries in YarCCI.
•    Participation in the negotiations, organized by YarCCI, as well as briefings, presentations, “round tables” with Russian and foreign firms.
•    Participation in the seminars and lectures, organized by YarCCI (excepting those, organized on a commercial basis).
•    Lobbying the interests of the business community in the government and local autonomous bodies.
•    Providing the work of Committees, Guilds, Advisory Councils and Commissions.
•    Subscription to the monthly magazine of YarCCI “Delovyje Vesti Yaroslavii” and its direct mailing.
•    Publications in the magazine “Delovyje Vesti Yaroslavii” (black-and-white, format A4).
- information about the YarCCI members' business offers once a year;
- information about new YarCCI members.
•    Distribution of organizations' advertising informational sheets supplementary to the magazine “Delovyje Vesti Yaroslavii” (once a year).
•    Publication of information about the YarCCI members in the Catalogue “Organizations-members of Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.
•    Distribution of information about the enterprise's activities and products on the YarCCI website in the section “YarCCI members”.
•    Provision of information about the actions of authorities and their interaction with YarCC via the section of website “Business and Authority”.
•     Subscription to the news on the YarCCI website.
•    Issuance of letters of recommendation for the YarCCI members.
•    Provision of address data about Chambers of Commerce and Industry on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
•    Prompt provision of information about new cooperation offers, coming to YarCCI (the profile activity of the YarCCI members).
•    Provision of information on exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
•    Initial consultations:
- on examination by experts,
- on foreign economic activities,
- on the working out of corporate identity,
- on working out and registration of   a trademark, service mark.