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•    “Business for first-time entrepreneurs” - basic information for entrepreneur activities, legislation, management, marketing, training courses.
•    “Accounting and taxation of individual entrepreneurs” (first-time and experienced) – preparation of documents, registration, accounting and taxation.
•    “An accountant of a small- and medium-scale business” - state registration of legal bodies, accounting and taxation of  small- and medium-scale business, the system “Accounting and storing”, 1C.
•    “User of a personal computer”.
•    “A sales manager” - selling technologies, merchandising, telemarketing, telephone selling, fundamentals of business communication, conflict management.
•    “Organization and personnel department management” - personnel record management, 1C”Salary and personnel”, labor legislation, personnel management.
•    “Designing in the system AutoCAD”.
•    “AutoCAD: designing of three dimensions, fundamentals of adaptation and adjustment, basis of programming AUTOLISP”.
•    “Cost evaluation” - theoretical fundamentals of costs evaluation, costs-normative bases, methods of calculation of local costs evaluation, automatization of the process of cost evaluation documentation drawing up.
•    “The English language”.
•    “Business-planning”.
•    “Financial management. Business training course on financial management”.
•    “Fundamentals of financial management”.
•    “Practical marketing”.
•    “Manager of an organization” - management, marketing, strategic management, business-planning, fundamentals of accounting and financial management, personnel management, fundamentals of labor legislation.
•    “Strategic management of an organization”.
•    “A realty manager”.
•    “Homeowners association – legal and economic aspects of activity”.
•    “Fundamentals of juridical knowledge”.
•    “Fundamentals of foreign economic activity. Actual aspects of customs regulation”.
•    “Menace and the strategy of an enterprise activity in the context of Russia entering World Trade Organization”.
•    “ A complex course of further training for line managers (lower and middle echelon managers)”.
•    “A production system development manager”.

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